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Jim Liddle's Blog In the past if you cannot access the Internet then you cannot use your Web 2.0 applications. This model is rapidly changing.  New pogramming models are emerging that alllow Web 2.0 to be offline /online dependant on what is needed. The first of these is Adobe Apollo, which is a cross-platfrom technology that combined Flash, HTML, PDF and JavaScript into one universal application programming model / paradigm. What is unique is that id doesn’t care if if it runs on its own or embedded in a webpage, the API calls remains the same. A competing project using the same core concept is Dekoh, except this is done with Java rather than the Adobe combination of technologies.  More libraries are due to be released for web languages such as PHP and you can find some demo apps from the site. More cutting edge languages are also not left out. Slingshot is g... (more)

Mobile Web Finally Catches Up in Europe

Flat-data rate tariffs introduced by Orange, Vodafone and 3 networks in the UK are the first sign that the Mobile Web is set to become as ubiquitous as normal web use with the these flat tariffs bringing affordable mobile web access to nearly everyone who has a mobile web enabled phone. These tariffs critically remove the single impasse that has prevented even wider spread adoption - 'fair us' browsing within a single payment.  Astonomical costs have previously put off users from going online from their mobile device - no wonder given the, often, several pounds per megabyte char... (more)

Enterprise applications using and integrating with Gigaspaces XAP

When I am dealing with customers and Partners it never ceases to amaze me how innovative many of  the solutions and products, that have GigaSpaces embedded, are. I thought it would be well worth a quick review of some of these: ActivePivot: ActivePivot™ by Quartet is a real time object oriented OLAP engine that provides information dashboards from front office to back office including trade blotters, value-at-risk drill down analysis, inventory positions, cash flow and security inventories, credit risk, online risk and hedging analytics in real time. You can view a case study of... (more)

Cloud Computing Best Practices

Some of the key things to think about when putting your application on the cloud are discussed below. Cloud computing is relatively new, and best practice is still being established. However we can learn from earlier technologies and concepts such as utility compute, SaaS, outsourcing and even internal enterprise centre management, as well as from experience with vendors such as Amazon and FlexiScale. Licensing: If you are using the cloud for spikes or overspill make sure that the products you want to use in the cloud can be used in this way. Certain products restrict their licen... (more)

Is Amazon EC2 As a Platform Secure?

Amazon Cloud Journal on Ulitzer Following on from my last post, Securing Applications on the Amazon Elastic Cloud, One of the biggest questions I often see asked is “Is Amazon EC2 as a platform secure”? This is like saying is my vanilla network secure?  As you do to your internal network you can take some steps to make the environment as secure as you can, such as: - First read the Amazon Security Whitepaper and the Amazon discussion of Security processes - Ensure the system key is encrypted at start-up - Ensure you plan for load balancing in case an instance goes down. Ensure ... (more)