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The Year in Review It has been some year in the world of Cloud and Cloud Storage in particular. We witnessed the demise of Nirvanix, as well as the revelations of Edward Snowdon outlining the surveillance of the PRISM surveillance program and the alleged collusion with major US Service providers. Amidst all of this the behemoth that is Amazon continued to move forwards apace and continuing to add new services and reduce pricing. There has been space in the market for new vendors such as Dump Truck, which launched almost exactly 1 year ago, and Copy, both of which predominantly offer services aimed at the consumer market. Many new Enterprise cloud storage services were launched in 2013 such as Verizon, EMC, Colt Telecom, Lenovo showing that vendors anticipate a huge enterprise demand for cloud related services from their incumbent customers. The OpenStack open source... (more)

Jim Liddle's Symbian Blog: "Windows Messenger Targets Skype"

Windows Messenger Targets Skype « H » Jim Liddle :: email link Windows Live Messenger, the successor to MSN Messenger, allows ussers to make a phone call from virtualy any PC to virtually any phone in the world, targetting SKype's position as in the Internet's big bear in VOIP services. The phone function (result of a partnership between Microsoft and communications firm MCI) will be known as MCI web Calling for Windows Live Call and will allows subscribe to make pc to telephone calls at competitive rates. posted Friday, 27 January 2006 ... (more)

Amazon S3 vs Amazon EBS on the Elastic Cloud

Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS) is a new type of storage designed specifically for Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon EBS allows you to create volumes that can be mounted as devices by EC2 instances. Amazon EBS volumes behave as if they were raw unformatted external hard drives and can be formatted using a file system such as ext3 (Linux) or NTFS (Windows) and mounted on an EC2 instance; files are accessed through the file system . They have user supplied device names and provide a block device interface. For a 20 GB volume, Amazon estimates an annual failure rate for EBS volu... (more)

Jim Liddle's Symbian Blog: MIDP on Dangers Hiptop Phone

MIDP on Dangers Hiptop Phone (which is now available in UK on TMobile) According to Danger, MIDP support for the hiptop is supposed to be out "Real Soon Now" but a specific date has not been pylbished yet. MIDP support will get sent out to all current subscribers as an Over the air update. For those considering porting MIDP applications or programming for the Hiptop you could do no worse than check out the Sun Developer Netword article here. ... (more)

Jim Liddle's Symbian Blog: Are These Black Days for BlackBerry?

Are These Black Days for BlackBerry? Canadian firm Research in Motion, maker of the popular handheld phone device that is BlackBerry, has been rocked by a 4 year old lawsuit that has resurfaced.  It is potentially so grave that industry watchers are openly questioning the firms survival propsects. Gartner, for example, has warned its customers to avoid deploying or investing in BlackBerry until the case is settled. The case goes back to 2002 when the intellectual property frim NTP launched a lawsuit against RIM, the basis of which was a patent on a handheld email device.  The law... (more)