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Although version 7.0 of the Enterprise version of GigaSpaces XAP contains much more than just DataGrid or Caching, for many customer the need for reduced latency and increased performance as well as contention reduction is pressing and for these customers these needs are often a pre-cursor to their first foray into using GigaSpaces. I recently received a set of slide from the GigaSpaces Deputy CTO, Shay Hassidim, which I though were worth posting as they not only go through some of the use cases for Caching and DataGrid but they also show the topologies and patterns that can be used. I’ve embedded them below but as I know this blog is syndicated, and sometimes the embedding does not work, you can also access them direct from slideshare here. ... (more)

AJAX For Mobile Devices

AJAX For Mobile Devices « H » General J2ME :: Jim Liddle :: email link Great overview of Ajax for mobile devices from Ajit Jaoka here - would urge you to read it ! posted Thursday, 12 January 2006 Leave a comment to this blog-entry <!-- function infomerical(){ alert("Create a free profile on Blog-City.com\r\n\r\nIt takes seconds and we give your email address to NO-ONE.\r\n\r\nAdvantages include; automatic email trigger when someone\r\nupdates this blog, ability to edit your own comments, and\r\nwith the same account you can easily create and maintain\r\nyour o... (more)

Jim Liddle's Symbian Blog: Are These Black Days for BlackBerry?

Are These Black Days for BlackBerry? Canadian firm Research in Motion, maker of the popular handheld phone device that is BlackBerry, has been rocked by a 4 year old lawsuit that has resurfaced.  It is potentially so grave that industry watchers are openly questioning the firms survival propsects. Gartner, for example, has warned its customers to avoid deploying or investing in BlackBerry until the case is settled. The case goes back to 2002 when the intellectual property frim NTP launched a lawsuit against RIM, the basis of which was a patent on a handheld email device.  The law... (more)

Tried Google's SMS?

Tried Google's AJAX-Based SMS? Your probably aware of all of the million of services that Google now offer, but have you tried, or are you even are of Google SMS ? To use this free service create a new text message from your mobile phone and key in 46645  in the "To" field with your question in the message field -  such as "Richmond Cinema" and you will recieve list of Cinema's in Richmond, or "The Break Up Richmond" and you'll get as a reply all the cinemas playing "The Break-Up" in Richmond - the world is your Oyster i.e. "Pizza San Francisco", "Wi Fi Oakland".  You can also co... (more)

Is the IPhone 3G All It Is Cranked Up to Be?

Jim Liddle's blog So I finally got my hands on an iPhone 3G but am currently still favoring my iPhone 2.5G - why? The signal seems better. 3G signal is patchy at best and forget receiving calls when you have 3G on - horrible... The battery life is **much** better on the original iPhone than on the 3G iPhone. All my accessories such as Power Monkey fit the original iPhone but not the new 3G iPhone as Apple in their wisdom changed the connector. GPS is slow and actually I find that the triangulation using Skyhook on the original phone works good enough. Next, suprisingly, I cannot ... (more)